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Teneis que encontrar esta cajita cuesta 10 Ls cada una pero son productos de muchisima calidad de las mejores tiendas vale la pena , aqui os dejo la lista de las pistas , de momento solo las tengo en ingles , asi practicamos :
1 Di’s Opera
THE HINT: Feed the birds
2 Peqe
THE HINT: One sheep, two sheep, one giraffe, one elephant.
3 Tableau Vivant
THE HINT: … and the the ugly duckling turned into a beautiful platinum swan…. errr nope, still black!
4 Grixdale
THE HINT: All good things must come to an end
5 ISON (2 Items)
THE HINT: Travel broadens the mind.
THE HINT: Follow the rainbow to find one’s true colors.
THE HINT: Read the news lately?
7 Royal Blue
THE HINT: Out of the trenches and onto the prize
8 { ZAARA }
THE HINT: Sits on a golden throne
9 No.07
THE HINT: Skin deep
10 Kunglers
THE HINT: I’m wet still dry
11 Alienbear’s Design
THE HINT: Go down the avenue
12 Exlie
THE HINT: Hidden in plain sight
13 Lara Hurley Skins
THE HINT: Laura might tell you, if you ask nicely.
THE HINT: Roses are Red Violets are Blue
15 Indyra Originals
THE HINT: Have a seat.
16 [ABODE]
THE HINT: In real life you are more apt to find this on a candyshelf saving your breath one piece at a time.
17 Verve
THE HINT: Meet Tania in the middle
18 tulip.
THE HINT: Back to school
19 KittyCats
THE HINT: Behind the lobby is your lucky fortune
20 Goth1c0
THE HINT: Look up but dont get distracted with the white noise
21 .synt.
THE HINT: I’m not for breakfast, but don’t sweep me under the rug.
THE HINT: It’s a hairy situation, but you’ll do fine.
*** not set for sale when we checked ***
23 * RezIpsa Loc*
THE HINT: Check on the port side
24 Nardcotix
THE HINT: Curl up by the fire and read for awhile its the grooviest thing its the perfect dream
25 Eels & Eluw
**** not for sale when we checked ****
26 Acid & Mala Creations
THE HINT: Welcome to the Jungle, we’ve got fun and games
27 Zenith Fashion
THE HINT: The greatest thing, you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.
28 JustB
THE HINT: so. tell me… do you feel watched?
29 oOo Studio
THE HINT: For those who are Singles, getting the objects in the blue box can be the ultimate gift.
30 Atomic
THE HINT: I ripped my jeans climbing trees
31 [ glow ] Studio
THE HINT: The glass is half full
32 *Bliss Couture*
THE HINT: Time for a rest, why not spend a casual hour feeding the ducks
33 haut.monde
34 *G FIeld*
THE HINT: Chilling out beside the fountain with a little bear
35 +mocha+
THE HINT: 2nd floor
36 SHIKI Designs
THE HINT: Cool off by the waterfall
37 Ducknipple
THE HINT: See you crater
38 Donna Flora
THE HINT: the very Best of SL
39 { what next }
THE HINT: Look in the Window
THE HINT: The drama llama is not amused
41 Rozena
THE HINT: Under the flower
42 *Fishy Strawberry*
THE HINT: Subscribe to my way of thinking
43 O s a k k i. //
THE HINT: Flying on broken wings of sorrows
44 Nemesis
THE HINT: Save me ! The dove is trying to kidnap me !
45 / erratic /
THE HINT: Look for Hailey’s comet
46 Elikatira
THE HINT: The sky is the limit….unless there is a roof in your way.
47 Je suis
THE HINT: Look for an iconique image to help you on your hunt
THE HINT: I spy… green
49 paper.doll
THE HINT: Search this aria to find your gift
THE HINT: Coffee and cake.
51 d. Select
THE HINT: Walk arround, smell the scent of the blooming trees and youll find what your searching for!
52 Ploom
THE HINT: Started at the bottom, working my way to the top.
53 [-iPoke-] Piercings
THE HINT: Be to her, Persephone, All the things I might not be.
54 LISP Bazaar
THE HINT: STOP. Look. Listen.
THE HINT: Cross my heart
56 Baffle!
THE HINT: Upstairs. Seek shelter from the rain
57 Rebel Hope
THE HINT: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s Cousin could find it
58 PXL creations
THE HINT: Shut up and drive
59 VERO MODERO Fashion
THE HINT: I’m an Aviator, let me fly you to the Moon
60 :::LiNe:::
THE HINT: Light is filtered right into the store quietly
61 Intrigue Co.
THE HINT: Check out all of those lights!
62 House of Magoa
THE HINT: Jasper has expensive taste
THE HINT: Don’t get left on the shelf!
63 Candydoll
THE HINT: riplow light
64 MADesigns
THE HINT: The shape of the international market
65 *TuttiFrutti*
THE HINT: Watching the view, feeling the sunlight.
66 Milk Motion
**** not for sale when we checked ****
67 *Funky*Junk*
THE HINT: Come on in, the waters fine!
68 *Boom* Clothing
THE HINT: Wing your way
THE HINT: Wing your way
69 Sn@tch
THE HINT: You may need a map to find your prize
THE HINT:New and improved
71 aDORKable Poses
THE HINT: My suitcase is all packed.
72 CheerNo
THE HINT: Many to choose from, only one is right.
THE HINT: Immer Gerade Aus
74 Cynful
THE HINT: Spring into action
75 INDI Designs
THE HINT: Step up
76 Plume
THE HINT: Which is the best place to see french cancan in Paris?
THE HINT: Perfectly framed
78 F I L T H Y ___S K I N
THE HINT: Where the clothing is
79 caLLie cLine
THE HINT: i LOVE what you can find in the ocean….
THE HINT: Apples, with none of the calories.
81 The Secret Store
THE HINT: Someones got a chip on their shoulder
82 House of Fox
THE HINT: I take my hat off to you
83 [sYs]
**** not for sale when we checked ****
84 Nyte’N'Day
THE HINT: Don’t be blue…it’s something new!
85 LoQ Hairs
THE HINT: Branch out from your current mustache style
86 Izzie’s
THE HINT: Pearls are a girls best friend
87 Somnia
THE HINT: She thought it was a hat and she looked so cute I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, please give her a scratch behind the ears when you grab your gift it makes he happeh!
THE HINT: turn on the music and watch yourself dancing
89 Bent!
THE HINT: Let’s take a roll in the hay
**** not for sale when we checked ****
91 Diesel Works Animations
THE HINT: Wanna get snuggly with me?
92 Gawk!
THE HINT: What is your favourite sport?
93 A&A Fashion Shop
THE HINT: On the top floor [love me] with a Passion
94 Awesome Blossom
THE HINT: Row row row your boat
95 The Plastik
THE HINT: Keep your pants on!
THE HINT: Central. It’s the thought that counts.
97 MonS
THE HINT: Listen to the sound of rain
98 Glam Affair
THE HINT: OMG new skin!
99 SIGMA Jewels
THE HINT: Sani necklaces
100Hello Dave
THE HINT: Hello Dave really does have it nailed today!
101 Priss
THE HINT: You can hang in there
THE HINT: don’t cut any corners