A Depraved & Desolate Winter Hunt !!! And Hints !!!

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Just in time for the shopping season! Depraved Nation will run their winter hunt from Dec. 15 – Jan. 15, what better way to get through the holiday season and bring in the new year than by gathering goodies from the awesome designers who like to participate in Depraved Exclusive Events???
This will be a GRID WIDE hunt, directing each hunter to the designers mainstore location. Each participant will be hand picked by Kehl or myself, will be a designer with an outlet store in the Depraved Nation Marketplace, or will be a participant from previous exclusive events hosted by Depraved Nation.
Hunters will follow the LM path in search of a specific object (example hunt objects on each hunt sign) that will contain an item from each participating designer and they will purchase this item for 0L$. Not only will you get amazing gifts, you will have a chance to visit some of your favorite stores along the way, and maybe even a few you didn’t know about before now…
00 Razorblade Jacket
preying on flowers
Beauty of Nature
That flower needs water
03 Leri Miles Designs
Nothing is better than a warm sweater and hot cocoa when the flakes begin to fall
05 Epic
You better hear with your Elfy Ears!
06 Acide
Check my body
07 NeverM0re
Po Po Po Pokerface
08 Hysteria
Damn, i’m *bleeding*!
09 Xplosion
Two Kittys are best friends
10 Just You Jewels
Passage between two collections
11 Endless Pain Tattoos
to much of them are bad for the teeth
12 Croire
“got cha ;)
13 ODB
14 bubble
Oh Circus freak!
15 Sweet’n'Tart
Watch your STEP!
Look on the table? or so…
Lets see how works the giftcards
19 Blow-Up
The secret of the snowy oak
20 Insanya
“Lila said look up”
21 Sour Pickles
Have you noticed when you have an idea a light comes on?
22 RAW s t a t i c
Need a ride?
23 Ducknipple –
Use the arrow keys or double click to move your avatar thru the shop
24 Holli Pocket
I’m wishful for snowflakes!
25 Atypical
That giant green bunny looks suspicious…he’s hiding something.
26 Acid & Mala
“You can get LM, visit our blog… or get the prize”
27 Para Designs
Click poster outside middle shop entrance. PLEASE SKIP FOR NOW!
Take a look at yourself in the mirror… Then on your right.
29 Sweet.Antidote –
Care for a little dance.. a charleston perhaps?
30 Death Row Designs
”On Death Row you never know who your cell mate will be, so why don’t you go take a peek and see?”
31 Beautifully Grotesque
“Give me coffee & TV”
32 Phresh -
These bangles are cute!
33 Quarantine
Smoke Screen
34 Embody Shapes & Poses
Please click the purple star hint giver sign on the Embody info center near the main entrance for a hint notecard!
Inside the shop
36 Shush
Brrrrr A/C during winter ??? Find me to warm yourself up.
37 Hogs & Cart Wheels
Who Ya Gonna Call?
38 heap
what a great day to go to the beach
39 KIM
40 Duh!
There are gifts in this group
41 LouLou&Co.
” Hair accessories “
42 Emo-tions
look what the cat brought in
43 Scrub
44 Chaos Lost
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
45 Lemons & Cream
How long do you think a snowflake will last way up here with the pumpkins and rats?
so many sexy customer … I’m melting
find me down snowflakes
48 Argyle Anonymous
Your Mother!
49 AQ Face Tattoos
I feel safe behind Elaine.
50 Skintimate
Can you see the aurora?
51 JeSyLiLO
the skin next yummy skin
52 NV Madworld
These cables hanging down could be dangerous
53 SIGMA Jewels
June necklaces PLEASE SKIP FOR NOW!
54 Sassy!
The first STEP to finding the prize is to look carefully.
55 Heartsick
Maybe the Christmas Bunny could give you some help?
56 roobix
Be free like a feather.
58 Juxtapose
Reindeer Games
59 MINA Hair
”come fly to me”
60 Chop Zuey
Sit at a table and have a hot coco with your friends.. there you will find your gift.
61 Palais
Do you want to pet my monkey?
62 December
It has been having something
63 A BirdSong
Snowballs are so much fun!
64 1 Hundred
If the Designer is Online, your gift you will find!
65 Magnifique Poses
Going up!
66 VAUGHAN’S house of curiosities
Look for a black eye!
67 22769 casual couture
slap the ORANGE hintgiver for current hint
68 TEN” 10
In the light
69 Boof
Main Stage
70 Spirit Store
Draw the white tree
71 mock Cosmetics -
From the sway of her hips, to the touch of her lips…
72 PurPur
Sometimes we need a screen
73 Krasota
kiss my little rabbit
74 Es’ Cusi
are you feeling lucky? sit down and relax to see!
75 MarieDoll
Mia will never fall :D
76 KamreK Creations
Check the door frames
77 annaA Body Stuff
!… i hope i will not roll down the stairs….”
78 Get A Clue
Sometimes things are right in front of you