❤ Glitter ❤ Thxxxxxx Nheria, Thxxxxxx Sira, Thxxxxxx Mae, Thxxxxxx Alexandria & Thxxxxxx Shaleene !!!

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Skin : -Belleza-  Shyla Tan 1
Hair : Truth Vida
Boobs : :::Lolas::: Mirage
Top : 1 Hundred. (New!!) (Phat Azz Show!!) Drape Halter. Lavender
Pants : .Mes Sucreries. (New!!) (Phat Azz Show!!) Degraded Short
Shoes : N-Core OMEGA "FatPack 16 colors" (Mesh)
Tattoo : Elska (New!!) (Phat Azz Show!!) Henna
Chain : .Things. (New!!) (Phat Azz Show!!) Golden Age of Tush *silver PACK
Piercing : Cute Posion Hip Accent Piercings
Piercing : <-Puncture-> Gemstone Navel Piercing
Piercing : <-Puncture-> Triple Bindi Piercing (Gemstone) Basics
Gloves : [GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (White Lace)
Nails : Mstyle Perfect Hand - Long Nails
Earrings : .::Pure Posion::. (New!!) (SFW) Silver AnNi Earrings
Tattoo 1 : .Things. (New!!) (Phat Azz Show!!) Lace hip Tattoo PACK
Tattoo 2 : .Things. (New!!) (Phat Azz Show!!)  Vector my ass Tattoo PACK
Tattoo 1 : Elska (New!!) (Phat Azz Show!!) Something in the Wind
Tattoo 2 : Elska (New!!) (Phat Azz Show!!) Silhouette
Tattoo 3 : Elska (New!!) (Phat Azz Show!!) The Girl & The Fox